Yuri Bashmet calls the great soloists to the lands of Prosecco Shire

Along with the great Russian maestro and the orchestra performing at the “Moscow Soloists” Festival, world renown celebrities of the calibre of Nikolaj Znaider, Giovanni Sollima, Ramin Bahrami and many other Italian and foreign greats.

The music festival will be held in the Brand’s most enchanting locations, UNESCO world heritage site candidates, from the venerable Follina Abbey to the Vittorio Veneto Bishop’s Castle park, including a concert in the capital of Treviso this year.

A festival initiated just two years ago which immediately distinguished itself for its high artistic profile, as envisaged by its director, performer and mentor, the Russian maestro Yuri Bashmet. The “on the Prosecco roads” music festival, held again this year during the last week of August (from the 25th to the 30th), attracts undeniable international classical music celebrities to the most enchanting locations in Prosecco Shire (Conegliano, Valdobbiadene, Vittorio Veneto, Follina, Colle Umberto, with the extraordinary participation of Treviso), UNESCO world heritage site candidate.And if the inaugural edition boasted prestigious guests such as Maxim Vengerov, Tatiana Samouil and Massimo Quarta, who were mirrored in edition no. 1 by the talents, among others, of Vadim Repin and Danil Trifonov, with the extraordinary participation of Ksenija Rappoport, the 2015 edition will attempt to exceed the level achieved by the two previous editions, distinguished by large public participation selling-out all concerts.

First of all, thanks to the confirmed attendance of two, that of the orchestra founded by maestro Yuri Bashmet in 1984, the “Moscow soloists” orchestra, made up of about 30 elements, and the maestro himself, currently considered the leading living violinist, able to inspire modern composers.Leading soloists of the calibre of Nikolaj Znaider, a Danish violinist and current one of the greatest on today’s music scene, one of the most versatile of his generation, soloist, orchestra conductor and chamber musician. A piano genius of the likes of the famous Iranian pianist Ramin Bahrami, known to the public for his music lessons of Radio Tre or television appearances, successfully headlining the Umbria Jazz Festival, and Giovanni Sollima, visionary cellist, conductor and author of the 100cells project, known for having radically changed the way the cello is played, able to enchant the audience with his sensual sounds and heart-wrenching phrasings, will play in a concert that promises to be memorable.

But the list of icons is still long when thinking of the artists like Massimo Mercelli (flute), Avi Avital (mandolin), Paolo Carlini (bassoon), Nikita Borisoglebsky (violin) and Laura Bortolotto (violin). There’s also room for leading voices like Diana Mian (Soprano), Antonio Orsini (tenor) and Claudio Zancopè (basso).

Accompanying the greats are also the local amateurs, following the festival’s tradition, from the “City of Conegliano” choir directed by maestro Laura Fabbro in the debut concert, to the non professional reader who will interpret the biblical passages during Franz Joseph Haydn’s “Last Seven Words of Christ”.

And if last year’s selection not on the program involved an actress and former mistress of ceremonies at the Venice film festival, this year the Russian artist Anna Vidyaykina will thrill the public drawing the emotions conveyed by the music in sand. Young, now residing in Vienna, she won the 1st “Fairy tale nights” illustration competition in 2014 in Sarmede, during the leading children’s book expo held every year just a few kilometres from the festival.

Master classes will be held during the festival week in Conegliano by the first parts of the Moscow soloists orchestra, and some guest soloists, open free of charge to local music school students registering at

The festival program is already available for download at

The festival is promoted by the Marca Musicale and Insieme vocale Città di Conegliano associations, the Municipalities of Conegliano, Vittorio Veneto, Valdobbiadene, Colle Umberto and Follina, with the participation of Treviso and support of the Veneto Region and Russian Federation Ministry for Culture.

Marca Treviso, the Marca Trevigiana tourism promotion consortium, ATS Conegliano Valdobbiadene paesaggio del Prosecco Superiore UNESCO world heritage candidate, Prosecco DOC protection consortium, ROSTEC, Russian Helicopters, Masottina and Novatek support the festival.