The special occasion is the International Music Festival “sulle Vie de Prosecco”, with its artistic director: M° Yuri Bashmet.

Although the missed italian qualification to the Football World Championship, the meeting between Italy and Russia will be “play” in Conegliano.
The special occasion is the International Music festival “sulle Vie del Prosecco”, with its artistic director Yuri Bashmet: this year edition has been also defined, from the Russian Cultural Ministry, as one of the bigger event during this international year of Russian culture in Italy.
There will be a lot of important musicians and artists: also waiting for russian authorities, opinion makers, journalists from Moscow, that will describe to the Capital what will happen in Prosecco hill at the end of June.


The main events of this 6th edition will be four concerts (from June 21st to 24th), where big soloists of the international classical music scene will perform in Conegliano e Vittorio Veneto.
With the resident Orchestra of “Moscow Soloist”, and the Maestro Yuri Bashmet, also for this yeas will be sure the presence of the choir “Insieme Vocale Città di Conegliano”.
Big news for this edition: a concert with “Solisti Veneti” and Maestro Claudio Scimone. These two great orchestras will be together for a unique and once-off event.
Remarkable the special concert for the century of the end of WWI, also dedicated to the national Violin contest of Vittorio Veneto.


Thanks to the patronage of the Russian and Italian Cultural Ministry, this festival is become an important cultural event on the Italian scenario.
But there are also three tourist packages, speaking of the beauties of the Prosecco Hills, the magical places where these emotional concerts took place and of dopofestival and its special dinners.
From the marvellous hill of Conegliano e Vittorio Veneto to Venice, from the fascinating countryside to the sweetness of Venetian Villas: lots of reasons to the there!

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And numbers talk too: 400 people (average) for each concert and at the collateral events. In five years 12.000 people has been involved.

Since 2013 Marca Musicale and Insieme Vocale Città di Conegliano manage and promote this festival. Other historical Partners are “Consorzio Prosecco Doc” with Comune di Conegliano and Comune di Vittorio Veneto. And also excellences like Masottina Spumanti, Dersut Caffè, Acqua San Benedetto, and touristic company like “Consorzio Marca Treviso” and “Onda Verde Viaggi”. To the international Partnerships (one of the few Italian festival with foreign sponsors) will join new collaborations like Ada srl and Finit Finanziaria Internazionale.


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