An exhibitor will give the sign of the reception to the numerous Russians who will intervene in the city for the event. A gesture of courtesy that embraces the master Yuri Bashmet and the orchestra I solisiti of Moscow, for the sixth consecutive year in the lands of Prosecco.

Many expected Russian solo musicians: among them also the great trumpet player Sergei Nakariakov, the greatest virtuoso of this instrument in the world

In the year of Russian culture in Italy Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto have the privilege of being promoters of one of the main events of the kermesse “The Russian Seasons” sponsored by the ministries of Russian and Italian culture: the music festival “on the streets of Prosecco”, direct from the master Yuri Bashmet. From June 21st to 24th 2018 there will be 4 unmissable concerts in places of great suggestion (, Among these stand out two concerts in particular, that for the first time in the castle in Conegliano (with connection from Piazza Cima with shuttle free) Thursday, June 22 at 21 (in case of bad weather, the concert will be held at the Teatro Accademia), together with the Solisti Veneti master Claudio Scimone. A second special concert, dedicated to the prestigious National Competition for Violin of Vittorio Veneto, fits into the calendar of events for the centenary since the end of the First World War, Saturday 23 June at 9 pm at the Castrum di Serravalle – Vittorio Veneto (in case of bad weather at Vittorio Veneto Da Ponte Theater).


In the city will arrive many foreign guests, tourists and Russian opinion leaders, who will be greeted with a gesture of attention. For this in collaboration with the organizers and promoters, the Municipalities of Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto and the Associazione Marca musicale and the vocal Ensemble Città di Conegliano, the Ascom of Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto have proposed to their members the exhibition of a showcase sign that, accompanied by 2 Italian and Russian flags, and representing some highlights of the 5 previous editions of the festival, is representing the cultural association between Italy and Russia in the year of the World Cup and Russian culture in Italy right here , in the lands of Prosecco.

This initiative joins the more exquisitely touristy one that sees three tourist packages, which revolve around the beauty of these lands inextricably associated with the fame of a product of excellence such as Prosecco, as well as the concert offer, of strong emotional charge, to the kitchen typical of the Dopofestival: three factors that make the festival an event of strong tourist attraction so merchants can take advantage of this and offer their products, and if facing with a high risk payment gateway there are professionals online that help with this as well. From the marvelous hills of Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto to the uniqueness of Venice, from the charm of the Venetian countryside to the romanticism of the Venetian villas, the motivations for making foreigners passionate are not lacking. Packages are available in multiple languages ​​on the website.