The Pre Festival

Visit “Museo della Battaglia” (WWI Battle Museum) in  Vittorio Veneto and Sarcinelli Palace in Conegliano: two special opening for the Prosecco Festival audience


 P.zza Giovanni Paolo I

museo battaglia

   Thursday 27th august 2015

For the local date of  the International Music Festival  “Sulle vie del Prosecco”, with the Yuri Bashmet and the Moscow Soloist concert at the Bishop Castle Park, (h. 21.00),

Free tour of the Museum

at 18h15

with just a 3.00 euro ticket for entrance




Via XX Settembre 132

Sunday 30th august 2015

The proposed sensorial experience is an invitation to be fully immerged in the more intimate dimensions of the land, to overcome the distances between the two poles (Conegliano, Valdobbiadene) that only appear to be antithetical, the dimension of man and that of nature, which perfectly match in Prosecco Shire.

Free entrance and tour guide

at 18h15




  For info and reservations:

or 0438. 970 350